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Doncaster Relationships Matter

Our Doncaster Relationships Matter webpage has been created to provide a relationship pathway of local information and resources to parents to help them understand and reduce their conflict so their children feel secure and develop well.

Everyone experiences conflict from time to time but if this becomes frequent, intense, or poorly resolved looking at Doncaster Relationship Pathway will give you the information your need to improve things. Our local relationships matter webpage gives you all the information you need about help in Doncaster.

Doncaster Relationship Pathway

Local Help:

Access to self -help resources such as activities to undertake alone or with your partner or co-parent; links to the online ‘Understanding Your Relationship’ course and websites with useful video’s; plus, the places and people you already know like Family Hubs, Health Visitors and School staff that can provide you with even more help.

Early Help:

Early Help is the process of coordinated support with a Lead Practitioner, usually a person you know who will explore your family’s situation through an assessment and with you, develop a support plan; sometimes asking other services to join the support plan too. Early Help only happens if you would like this. The lead practitioner can work with you and your partner or co-parent through a programme of support to reduce conflict and improve communication; help you access our reducing conflict parent courses; make sure your children’s emotional needs are me; and make sure other worries that might be triggering conflict are resolved too.

Specialist Help:

In addition to local and early help, our relationship pathway also provides information about specialist help such as mediation, court processes and services such as CAFCASS.

Domestic Abuse

Parental Conflict is not Domestic Abuse.  If you are afraid of your partner or feel they control their life this is more likely to be Domestic Abuse, support available, please seek help.

This link will help you identify if you are in an abusive relationship:  If you recognise any of these signs in your relationship or with a family member please call the Doncaster Domestic Abuse Hub on 01302 737080.  Email:

You can also report abuse to South Yorkshire Police on 101.  In an emergency dial 999.

Remember, always dial 999 in an emergency.


Worried about a child

Where you believe there is immediate risk of significant harm the police should be contacted on 999.

Urgent concerns regarding a child or young person’s mental health

If you have urgent concerns regarding a child or young person’s mental health, please call the duty team on (01302) 796 191.

Urgent safeguarding concerns

For urgent safeguarding concerns please call the Duty team, on 01302 737 777.