Kirklees Council

Relationships matter in Kirklees and we are working to support families where there is conflict. We want to work with our communities through developing strong relationships, and ensure that children grow up experiencing healthy relationships.

Our definition of Parental Conflict is:

“Parental conflict does not involve any abuse or violence. Conflict between parents – whether together or separated – is a normal and healthy part of relationships. However, when children witness conflict that is not resolved or includes regular or long periods of bickering, arguing, shouting, or ignoring one another, it can be harmful to our children. It can result in children feeling upset, confused, and angry, affect their relationships throughout their lives and impact their schooling, their health and wellbeing and their behaviours”

Support for parents in Kirklees who are worried about conflict

If you are a parent living in Kirklees, and feel you would like some professional support around conflict in your relationship, or other support, please take a look at the Kirklees Website via this link Here you will find a range of support opportunities through our Early Support Partnerships. Alternatively you could visit our safeguarding children’s board website for some brief advice

Parental Conflict does not involve fear, control or violence, this is likely to be domestic abuse. If you have concerns regarding domestic abuse, please contact Pennine Domestic Abuse Partnership on the following link or through their 24 hour helpline 0800 052 7222

If you have an immediate concern about the safety or wellbeing of a child, please contact our Duty and Advice safeguarding teams on 01484 456848

Guidance for professionals working in Kirklees

If you are a professional working in Kirklees, and want to know more about how we are working to reduce Parental Conflict, please visit our site here to learn more

Alternatively, if you wish to make a referral for support, and you have consent from the family you are working with, please see our procedures via the safeguarding children’s board website here