Leeds City Council

We offer ways to help families who are going through parental conflict.

Regular and unresolved parental conflict can impact a children’s mental health and long term life-chances.

We want to increase awareness of parental conflict and how it can affect children and young people. This can include regular bickering, arguing and frustration with each other about issues such as money, parenting or housework.

Our aim is for families going through parental conflict to be supported at the right time to prevent any impact on children.


Getting help

  1. speak to your child’s school or their healthcare professional
  2. explore useful tools and links on the Relationship Matters programme websiteexternal link
  3. contact one of our Early Help Hubs for more information


More information

This programme of support is known as Relationship Matters to schools and healthcare professionals.

A good starting point is speaking with someone at your child’s school or their health care professional. We provide the training for professionals working with children and families so that they are aware of the support available and the Relationship Matters programme.

They will be able to talk to you both about how to improve your relationship and the way in which you communicate with each other.



Contact us

West Hub – west.early.help@leeds.gov.uk

East Hub – east.early.help@leeds.gov.uk

South Hub – south.early.help@leeds.gov.uk