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Happy family relationships make us all feel good and help our children feel secure and loved.

Often as a parent or carer, we are trying to juggle lots of things, and keep our own relationships as positive as can be. Sometimes all relationships can become difficult, and this may impact everyone.

You may be a parent or carer or a young person interested in finding out more about how we can help children where their parents are experiencing relationship difficulties. Whether couples are together or separated, disagreements are completely normal. But evidence shows that regular conflict has a big impact on children. What matters is how the conflict is dealt with.

Information here can help couples who are parents/carers and parents/carers who have separated understand and build healthy relationships that put their children’s needs first.

At Relationships Matter the help and support is aimed at conflict below the threshold of domestic abuse.


Domestic Abuse

Parental conflict is not the same as domestic abuse. If you are afraid or feeling fearful within a relationship this is more likely to be domestic abuse, please seek help.

Women’s Aid – external site  can support you.

Regular arguments between parents/carers (whether together or separated) can be expressed in many ways such as:

  • aggression
  • silence
  • lack of respect
  • lack of resolution

Regular arguments can affect children in all types of parental relationships, including:

  • parents who are in a relationship, whether married or not
  • parents who have separated or divorced
  • biological and step-parents
  • other family members playing a parenting role
  • foster and adoptive parents
  • same-sex couples

If you are in a relationship or family who are struggling to manage these arguments and conflict at home. There is free support available for you. But please note these are not suitable if you are in a violent, controlling or abusive relationship.

It’s great that you have been able to recognise that you want some help to overcome these worries. So that the impact on your family is avoided. See It Differently have some great tips and strategies that could really help you.

If you feel you need a bit more help than this, there are some free online support sessions for parents experiencing conflict.  There are 4 online sessions that you can access on your own, with your partner or with support from family, friends or a professional.

To access these resources, all you need to do is register an account for yourself as a parent (free of charge) – be sure to choose ‘North East Lincolnshire’ when you register. The resources are as follows –


Me, You and Baby Too – Helping expectant and new parents cope with changes in their relationship. Learn how to cope with becoming a new parent and stress

Arguing better – Raise awareness of the impact that parental conflict can have on children. By helping parents develop better ways of managing stress and arguments.

Getting it Right for Children – support separated or separating parents. Helping parents to avoid the harmful situations involving their children.

Debt and relationships – Debt and money troubles are one of the biggest causes of relationship stress, and the rising cost of living could mean this becomes a greater issue for many families. Helping parents to consider different ways they might find themselves in debt, the impact this can have on relationships and why it’s a good idea to talk to one another.

For more information about local support available within North East Lincolnshire for you and your family – please visit one of the following webpages;-

Start for Life – LiveWell (

Children, families and schools | NELC (