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Early Help – Multi Agency Support Team

North Yorkshire Children and Families Service offers whole family support for a wide range of issues and challenges. This includes where Relationship Distress and Parental Conflict is having an impact on family life to an extent where additional help is needed through 1:1 support or attendance at one of our parenting programmes which can help you with tools and strategies to help you to resolve your conflict and build healthier, stronger relationships.  

There is a large body of evidence that shows that conflict between parents can have a negative impact on children’s long term mental health and future life chances; therefore North Yorkshire’s Children and Families Service is working in partnership with North Yorkshire’s Safeguarding Partnership to offer on line support and useful websites which will offer information to help you navigate through this difficult time. For further Early Help in North Yorkshire visit: 



If you are worried about a child or young person or think they might be at risk of harm, abuse or neglect, you can visit the Worried about a Child page on the North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Partnership website for further information.


Domestic Abuse

Parental conflict is not the same as domestic abuse – If you are afraid of your partner or feeling that they control your life then this is more likely to be domestic abuse, please seek help.  In North Yorkshire, IDAS can offer support for you and your family:



Tel: 03000 110 110

Live Chat Web, Monday – Friday via the IDAS website